New beginnings start with a scarf

I started to crochet because I needed a hobby. My health wasn’t the best and I needed to keep myself stimulated. I remembered my mum teaching me how to knit when I was a kid but I never kept it up past the first ball of wool.

Technology in today’s age has given great access to different medium to relearn old and forgotten skills. Youtube!

I began working with a basic knit and purl, where I left off my last venture with all this, and threw in some colour changes. A great way to learn how to change a ball and to add a different colour at the same time. Which is what prevented me from going any further as a child I think.

My first proper creation was a scarf, using a variety of colours I had to hand when shopping for a starter pack to get myself going. It was a lovely and warm scarf, especially with winter that year. I never completely finished it. I wanted a black border around it but never got to finishing knitting the border. It done the trick though, still looks great. So even though it is unfinished to this date, it still gets used.

With this project I learned how to switch colours, count rows and know what row you are on when you lose count. I tend to watch tv or something when knitting so don’t always pay attention, just keep knitting and turning.

It was a fun and rewarding start to my journey to crafts and relearning something my mother tried to teach me many years ago. She was amazing with all this stuff. She made all our school jumpers and cardigans for us and I loved them, especially my red cardigan with the lady bug buttons. Maybe one day I will be able to make a creation to the standard my mother made hers.

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