Knitted Fingerless Gloves

A very simple project, knitted fingerless gloves. I used a large eyed needle to complete the glove. Measure the length you want them to cover and knit a rectangle, using knit and purl and alternating them each row, to fit around the part of the hand and arm you want covered.

Then you sew 2 sides together using wool so the stitching isn’t intrusive to the item (unless that is the look you are going for), leaving a gap for the thumb to poke through. I also measured where the fingers sat and sewed a small stitch between each finger to stop the glove slipping away from the fingers.

I made several different coloured version of these and they didn’t take long to make at all, maybe a couple hours to make a pair. Still covering the basics and getting to grips with this new craft at this point.

I did find the needles restrictive and wish i could be faster with them although according to some I was pretty fast. Absolutely nothing compared to some knitters I have seen.

I regret not trying multicoloured versions of these and maybe adding some patterns.

A nice and simple way to get some basic coverage during the winter months and with how little you can buy yarn for in some places, you could have a pair of gloves, handmade, for as little as £1 as well as some scrap wool you could use for another project.

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