Pikachu Blanket

This is one of my prized creations. I absolutely love it! Whilst in hospital for the last few weeks of my pregnancy with my daughter, I decided to make this pikachu blanket for my niece and nephew back in Scotland for when they play their video games.

As a pokemon enthusiast myself, I found this a very fun project and it turned out stunning, although very time consuming. However, as I was in hospital, it was a wonderful and welcome distraction. Still need to put a fleece backing to it after weaving and removing the threads from the back and then get it shipped to its new owners and see if they love it as much as I do.

I used different types of yarn for this one, thicker yellow for pikachu whilst using a thinner yarn for the white background and I think the combination worked well. The blanket feels very warm and fluffy. My favourite part was when making the red border. It really framed the pattern within nicely and stayed in theme with the rest of it. I have another in the making so my niece and nephew won’t need to share for too long. With the 2 children now, it will take me longer to make than when I had peace and quiet for 3 weeks in hospital, ha ha!

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